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Testimonials about Taly's Book

Taly's story is eye opening, inspiring and clearly written . Taly 

not only engages and empowers

the reader but also provides many valuable, yet simple and easy to follow health tips.  

                     - Jessica Kennedy, MBA

Taly's perspective on health and wellness is incredible.  Any person looking to take their health to another level should read this book. I am excited to begin my path to wellness.  It is a brilliant read!

                                     - Sharon Friedman


“The Stressed Vegan” is incredibly informative and extremely helpful.  I highly recommend this book.   It is a must read.    

                     - Thressa D. Smith, PhD.

                              Medical Editor

It is a great read to anyone considering a healthy lifestyle and illness prevention. The author truly wants to share her story to inspire others to heal themselves. Her knowledge, experience and passion for wellness are evident from beginning to end. 

                               - Jennifer J. , CPA

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