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Take your health and wellness to another level with this book that was featured worldwide in Hippocrates Health Institute magazine!!! The book offers over 100 eye-opening health tips that go far and beyond the common knowledge. Are you Over-Stressed? You may be suffering from the early stages of a stress disorder that could develop into a serious illness and not even know it. This book is a great guide to those who want to heal themselves naturally from chronic illnesses especially from stress-related illnesses such as Adrenal Fatigue and POTS Syndrome. It is also for those who are interested in improving their health and preventing illness. Regardless, it can help you do what most doctors would consider impossible – reach optimal health naturally!


About The Book 

  • An eye-opening guide on health.

  • Over 100 health tips. 

  • Taking health & wellness up a notch.

  • How to prevent illness.

  • How to maintain your health.

  • Finding balance in your life.

  • How to heal Stress-related illnesses.

  • Includes the latest research on healing modalities.


Are you in control of your health or is it controlling you?

Learn how to take charge of your health!   It is in your hands.  

Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight?



"When I use the term “diet” in this book, I am not referring to a weight loss plan. Instead, I am using the word in a more traditional sense, meaning the types of foods and beverages people consume, which can lead to weight loss but as a side benefit. This book offers neither a quick fix nor a weight loss diet per se but will reveal options that will allow you to select one or a combination of a few diets that are most suitable to your body and lifestyle. Chapter 2 reviews and summarizes healthy diet types as viewed through the lens of my insights, knowledge, and experience, providing their benefits and limitations and pointing out the diet that I used to regain optimal health."                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                       - Taly Cotler 

Are You Over-stressed?


"You may be suffering from the early stages of a stress disorder

that could develop into a serious illness and not even know it.” 

How many of you go to a medical doctor and complain of physical pain, exhaustion, brain fog, digestive issues, and more?  Then, your doctor orders lab tests and prescribes medications but you do not feel better.  You get no results and your pain and symptoms do not go away.  You feel frustrated and go around in circles.  Does this sound familiar?

Taly was in a similar situation and was as frustrated as you are. ​She had been leading a healthy lifestyle that included a plant-based diet and plenty of physical activity when she suddenly contracted an illness.  Her illness was stress-related and not even common knowledge among many medical doctors.  In her book "The Stressed Vegan", she wrote about her year-long journey to overcome her health challenge naturally.  Other than her story about reaching optimal health, she shares over 100 tips on how to prevent illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For more information about stress-related illnesses, diagnosis tests, and more, refer to chapter 6 of “The Stressed Vegan”.


Taly believes that: "The body can heal itself 

if given the proper nutritional support."

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